Our History


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Founded in 2004 by a group of Long Island music lovers, music educators and industry professionals, the Long Island Music Hall of Fame (LIMHoF) has as its mission: To recognize, celebrate and preserve the exceptional music heritage of the Long Island Region.  We accomplish this through a coordinated approach, working with our local educational system, music industry leaders, and by hosting our biennial Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

We define Long Island geographically (rather than politically) as Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Since our inception, our Board of Directors and generous donors and supporters have cataloged numerous items of memorabilia, and prepared informational exhibits that describe the accomplishments of many of our performer and music industry inductees including George Gershwin, Pat Benatar, The Ramones, Aaron Copland, Louis Armstrong, Jones Beach Theater, Donnie McClurkin, Arlo Guthrie, Neil Diamond, Salt-n-Pepa, My Father’s Place, John Coltrane and many, many others.  Included within our archive are video clips, music and interview recordings, biographical materials, instruments and other display pieces, all depicting the significant contributions to music by Long Island artists and institutions.  As our organization evolves, our long-range goal includes securing appropriate permanent space on Long Island to develop the LIMHoF Museum.

In addition to designing exhibits, LIMHoF also provides a number of educational initiatives to promote achievement in the field of music within our region.  We provide K-12 programs serving all Long Island schools from Brooklyn to Montauk, working with high level educators. We offer “Master Classes” workshops and seminars conducted by music industry professionals including many of the artists themselves.  We award annual scholarships to deserving young musicians and members of youth orchestras, and our Educational Advisory Board is comprised of respected individuals within the recording and music industry who work to mentor young, upcoming artists.

Our organization welcomes the involvement of community volunteers, business and corporate leaders as part of our many public events.  LIMHoF is frequently present at many major music events on Long Island, including the Great South Bay Music Festival and the Port Jefferson American Music Festival.  Our bi-annual Induction Ceremonies have been the subject of significant world-wide media coverage due to the participation of our inductees that have ranged from Billy Joel to LL Cool J.