Darryl McDaniels (DMC)

DMC (Darryl McDaniels)

Music Advisory Board Members

  • Tom Needham – Chairman
  • Carol Brown
  • Michael Cesarano – Assistant Professor, theatre faculty, Queensborough Community College
  • Herbert A. Deutsch – Professor emeritus of electronic music and composition at Hofstra University
  • Paul Graf – Retired Principal, Smithtown Elementary School
  • Jeffrey James – Jeffrey James Arts Consulting
  • John McNeur – Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of New York, Founder & Director Emeritus
  • Daniel F. Millheiser – President, Sound Symphony Orchestra
  • Norm Prusslin – Professor, Stony Brook University
  • Lynda Reynolds – Sound Symphony Orchestra
  • Jimmy Rosica – Founding member of Johnny Maestro and The Brooklyn Bridge, Proprietor and principal instructor of the Very Cool Music School
  • Brady Rymer – Recording artist and children’s entertainer, 2009 children’s Grammy nominee
  • Patricia Shih – Award-winning recording artist, author and TV personality

EAB Honorary Members

  • DMC (Darryl McDaniels) – Best-selling recording artist with Run-DMC
  • Dan Zanes – Disney Channel Rock Star, 2006 Grammy Winner for Best Children’s Album
  • Carole & Paula (Carole Demas and Paula Janis) – Stars of TV’s The Magic Garden
  • Johnny “Juice” Rosado – DJ, music producer, audio engineer, arrangement, musician, composer, and consultant. Original member of The Bomb Squad in the band Public Enemy
  • Steve Burns – One of the creators and host Nick Jr. TV show Blues Clues
  • John Tartaglia – Television star and creator of Broadway’s Avenue Q

Stars Lend Support To Education Board

Carole and Paula Lend Support To Education Board

The Long Island Music Hall of Fame is proud to announce the formation of the Long Island Music Hall of Fame’s Education Advisory Board. Led by Long Island teacher, filmmaker and radio host, Tom Needham, the Education Advisory Board’s job is to help carry out the Long Island Music Hall of Fame’s vast education mission.Lending star power and educational expertise to the Education Board is a growing list of celebrities and educators, including The Magic Garden’s Carole and Paula, RUN-DMC’s DMC, Jimmy Rosica of the Brooklyn Bridge, Blues Clues’ Steve Burns, singer and bassist Brady Rymer, award-winning singer/songwriter Patricia Shih, the Disney Channel’s rock star Dan Zanes, as well as music educator Paul Graf.

For twelve years, Carole and Paula entertained thousands of children and fans on the hit WPIX show, The Magic Garden. As a key member of the legendary rap group RUN-DMC, DMC helped bring hip hop to mainstream audiences, and eventually sold over twenty million records. Jimmy Rosica, founding member of Johnny Maestro and The Brooklyn Bridge, is the proprietor and principal instructor of the wonderful and innovative Very Cool Music School. Equally successfully in the area of children’s television is actor, singer and guitarist Steve Burns, who is known as one of the creators and host of the long-running Nick Jr. show Blues Clues, and is now making new rock music with Steven Drozd of the Flaming Lips. Also a hit on The Disney Channel is former Del Fuegos singer Dan Zanes, whose recent CD hit #4 on the Billboard Kids Audio Charts. Dan was awarded a 2006 Grammy for Best Children’s Musical Album for his Catch That Train CD! Patricia Shih has written over 250 songs and performs for audiences of all ages, appearing on T.V. and radio, in clubs, concerts, schools, libraries, major music festivals, and other venues, and touring internationally. Brady Rymer is a founding member of the RCA roots-rock band From Good Homes and has recorded several children’s albums, including Every Day is a Birthday. Paul Graf has guided the education of thousands of children as Principal of Smithtown Elementary School.

All of these stars and educators are lending their expertise to the Long Island Music Hall of Fame’s Education Board.Just recently, Carole and Paula generously announced their decision to perform a benefit concert for the Long Island Music Hall of Fame’s Education Board this upcoming September. This is going to be an important fund raising event, and hopefully a treat for fans of the original Magic Garden.

Together, this diverse board is striving to bring their love of music to future generations of kids for years to come.

LIMHoF Sends Board Member to Steven Van Zandt’s Rock and Roll Forever Summer Institute

This past Summer, LIMHoF Vice Chairman, Tom Needham, was selected with other educators from all over America to participate in Steven Van Zandt’s Rock and Roll Forever Summer Institute at NYU.  Twenty two teachers from around the country were selected to learn about the program, attend seminars with music professionals and journalists and create curriculum.

Tom studied for a week with Rock and Roll: An American Story’s Executive Director, Dr. Warren Zanes, who is known for his work as Vice President at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, and his membership in the legendary band, the Del Fuegos.

Educators were introduced to an exciting new online educational resource presented by Steven Van Zandt and the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation.  The website provides teachers a rich curriculum based on Common Core standards free-of-charge.  It gives educators a wealth of lesson plans and historical resources that bring music history into a variety of classes including English, social studies, music and more.

The Long Island Music Hall of Fame supports Steven Van Zandt’s education mission and looks forward to promoting the Rock and Roll: An American Story website all over Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens.  We encourage you to check out their website at