Sam Ash

Business | 2006

Sam Ashkynase was born in a small town in Austria-Hungary and immigrated to the United States with his family in 1907, settling in Brooklyn. With a passion for the violin, Ashkynase set out to make his career in music. After working with various groups, he decided to strike out with a band of his own, playing the popular music of the time at weddings and dances. After he married, however, he and his wife decided to open a business based upon what Sam knew best—music. Having very little savings, the couple was forced to pawn Rose’s engagement ring (she later got it back) for $400 in order to make the down payment on what was to become the first Sam Ash Music Store in 1924. Under the direction of Sam’s sons, Jerry and Paul, Sam Ash gradually expanded to 45 musical instrument megastores nationwide. Additionally, the company runs a pro services and parts division, Sam Ash Professional, and an educational division that specializes in servicing schools. Today’s Sam Ash Music Corp., known as “The World’s Favorite Music Store,” is the largest family-owned chain of musical instrument stores in the United States.

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