Nomination & Criteria

The Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame biannually recognizes a select group of music luminaries, visionaries, leaders, and entities that have made significant contributions to the growth and advancement of Long Island music.



  1. Nominees must be either born or raised on Long Island, or have resided on Long Island for a significant portion of their careers. In the case of entities, they must have either been founded on Long Island or made a significant mark on Long Island during their existence. Long Island is defined by its geographic boundaries, including Queens, Kings (Brooklyn), Nassau, and Suffolk counties.
  2. Nominees must have significantly contributed to Long Island’s rich musical heritage based on the following:
    • Impact: The nominee has made an extraordinary impact on the development or growth of Long Island’s musical heritage.
    • Influence: The nominee has significantly influenced:
      • The work of musicians or leaders in the field
      • Music lovers and/or the society at large
    • Innovation: The nominee has broken new ground with originality or creativity, has established new standards, has broken through boundaries, and/or has accelerated the growth of Long Island music.
    • Reach: The contribution has significantly impacted the reach of Long Island’s music to:
      • Society at large
      • Within key audiences or specific geographies
      • Globally

The Nominations Process

The Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame’s Board of Directors selects each nominee based on recorded history, research, and suggestions from the public. The Board’s selections are driven by a desire to represent a wide range of musical genres and to balance nationally/internationally known and local/regional inductees in each class.

Special consideration may also be given to a nominee’s lifelong accomplishments, contributions to more than one area of Long Island music, or the overall influence of the music contribution. There is no requirement for the length of time the nominee has worked in or contributed to Long Island’s music industry, and nominations may be made posthumously.

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