Barnaby Bye

Rock | 2012

The group Barnaby Bye was founded in 1970 when the Alessi brothers, Long Island natives, met Peppy Castro while they were all part of the Broadway production of Hair. The band is twin brothers Billy and Bobby Alessi, Peppy Castro (formerly of the Blues Magoos) and Mike Ricciardella (formerly of the Long Island band The Illusion). Barnaby Bye’s albums include Room to Grow (1973), Touch (1974) and Thrice Upon a Time (2008), and their hits include “Tumblin’ Inn,” “Jessie Girl,” and “Can’t Live This Way.” They packed venues on Long Island during the 1970s, most notably Roslyn’s My Father’s Place, a Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame inductee. After a long layoff as a band, Barnaby Bye is now touring again and recording with the original four members.

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